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Adobe Reader Touch represents a special edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader, optimized for touch devices that are running Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

It aims to provide users with a streamlined experience when it comes to opening PDF documents from emails, the web or any other part of your computer to view content and add annotations.

Adobe Reader Touch

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After downloading and installing the product from the Windows Store, you are greeted by a user-friendly interface, where you can open a PDF doc right away.

Besides basic controls, such as scrolling and zooming in and out using your fingers, you can tap once on the screen (or right-click) to look up words using a search function as well as view the next or previous occurrence (each one is highlighted in red).

Additionally, you can toggle single page and continuous viewing mode, jump to a page by quickly tapping the page number indicator, launch links in your default web browsers, or print the document right away via Adobe Reader Touch Serial.

If you're looking for simple and practical tools for reviewing documents written by others to send them back, you can use the comment feature to add sticky notes and highlights, along with strikethrough and underline effects. Entering an author name is necessary, so others can tell the differences (can be later changed from the options area).

Afterward, you can save a copy of the modified document by specifying a file name and destination, as well as share the PDF with another application you have installed, such as an email client to send a file attachment via email.

To sum things up, Adobe Reader Touch comes bundled with simple and elegant means of viewing and annotating PDF documents, ideal for those looking for an optimized version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and no rich options.