XLS Padlock 2020.1 Crack With License Key

If you are looking for a way to prevent the content of your Excel worksheets from being edited or copied, or need a secure way to distribute files, XLS Padlock may be the tool for you.

It is integrated into the Microsoft Excel interface and allows you to protect various cells in your worksheets, preventing them from being modified. It can secure VBA code by converting it to binary and also enables you to compile documents into secure executable files.

XLS Padlock

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You can add specific cells in your workbooks to a list and have the application hide them, while keeping them operational. They are replaced with generic functions, preventing unauthorized users from viewing their content.

This tool also allows you to lock access to the VBA editor for a specific project, as well as convert VBA code to binary.

XLS Padlock offers a useful feature that enables you to create EXE files from your Excel projects. These can use various forms of protection, require activation keys and contain important copyright information.

You can even link your workbook to various other documents, to have the program compile them into the same application file. These are automatically exported to the same folder as your Excel worksheet.

Additionally, you can choose to have the application display a splash screen of an image of your choice upon launch, for a specific amount of time.

The generated application may require an activation key, which can only be generated from XLS Padlock Serial and uses the system ID provided by the end user. A generated key can be set to expire after a certain number of executions, a particular period or on a specific date.

Moreover, the program allows you to digitally sign the created EXE file, by using a security certificate stored within a Personal Information Exchange (PFX) file.

Overall, XLS Padlock is a comprehensive tool, designed to offer you numerous methods of securing your Microsoft Excel worksheets. It can hide important functions, protect VBA code and compile projects into secure EXE files.