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Linxtl is a powerful, yet simple to use application, designed to help you perform various types of analysis on scientific data, saved in specific files.

The program includes various tools for SHELX, reflection or crystallographic analysis, allowing you to easily generate structural solutions and create publication materials.


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This Python-based tool allows you to load several types of information files, such as SHELX (*.res or *.ins), Reflection (*.hkl) or Crystallographic (*.cif) documents, for analysis. You can manually modify parameters or values, if required, then save the modification in the source file.

While the tool is powerful and features a straightforward interface, all the commands are stacked in menus.

The application features only a small vertical toolbar on the left side, which allows you to switch between the view modes: LST, CIF and PCIF, specific for the crystallographic files.

As a text editor, the program offers you the basic functions, namely cut, copy, paste, delete, select all, undo and redo.

The Options menu features a large collection of tools which can help you set the atomic occupancy factor, based on the selected text, obtain the molecular formula or modify it.

You can also remove Q peaks, H atoms, HTAB or MOLE instructions, as well as enable the Isotropic view mode.

The program supports performing weight refinement, for the selected values or relabeling C/N/O/F atoms. Additional functions are sorting the atoms, finding duplicate labels and assigning Q as carbons.

Linxtl Serial features separate menus for SAINT and Disorder functions, allowing you to apply the desired settings to the specific files.

The Disorder function set includes splitting the selected values into parts, as well as applying various algorithms.

Linxtl is simple to use and requires no installation, but you need to make sure that you provide all the proper requirements.

Python must be installed and the wxPython library is also needed for the correct functioning of the program. To operate the text editor, you need to open Linxtl_no_console.pyw file from the program’s archive.