MAXQDA Analytics Pro 2020 20.0.8 Crack + Activator (Updated)

MAXQDA is a complex qualitative data analysis solution that bundles modules for mixed methods research, providing an organized working environment that assists you in collecting and interpreting data, assessing its consistency and reliability.

It finds a practical use in various research fields, such as marketing or sociology, since it can generate intelligible reports, statistics and graphics that illustrate the processed content.

MAXQDA Analytics Pro

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MAXQDA is used for processing anything from document text to complex spreadsheets, interview or focus group data, surveys, multimedia files, websites, tweets or RIS data. It allows you to structure and group the information by creating a personalized 'code system' to include defined categories and subcategories.

Data can be assigned small text memos (post-its), and sections can be linked together to find quickly related information. Important areas can be highlighted using colors, emoticons or symbols for easier identification, while the searching options allow you to browse quickly through the document library to find what you need.

The application features advanced analysis tools and document comparison capabilities. The embedded multimedia player enables you to process audio and video files, allowing you to adjust the playback speed and volume.

One of its advantages is the possibility to conduct quantitative analysis, alongside qualitative ones, thus making your research complete. Mixed methods allow you to generate conclusive graphs and quantify coding patterns while the 'MAXDictio' module helps you analyze text content (word frequency, the number of repeated words, etc.).

Teamwork is possible by taking turns to edit the same project while exchanging memos, annotations, and codings. The results of individual research sessions can be merged into a single project.

The extended feature set of MAXQDA makes it a high-performance analytical tool that suits the requirements of researchers in various domains. Combining intuitive usage with advanced capabilities, it proves to be a great tool for creating compelling presentations and reports.

It delivers a robust set of features that makes it a real asset for qualitative data analysts, and one of the most important players in the QDA software section.