Bus Hound 6.00 Crack Plus License Key

Bus Hound is the first software bus analyzer that can capture I/O, protocol, and performance measurements.

Here are some key features of "Bus Hound":

Bus Hound

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Systems Windows All

■ Supports IDE, SCSI, USB, Bluetooth, FireWire, serial ports, parallel ports, ps/2 mice, and ps/2 keyboards.

■ Supports all types of devices such as hard drives, DVD, mice, scanners, web cams, and everything else

■ Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.

■ Capture megabytes of data limited only by available memory

■ Automatically stop the capture upon a trigger condition

■ Measure individual read, write, and isochronous device performance

■ Captures device driver packets such as IRPs

■ Filter what type of phases are captured

■ Run on an unlimited number of machines at the same time

■ Capture any number of devices in parallel, regardless of bus type

■ Fits on a diskette for easy transportability and quick downloads

■ Drag and drop the captured data to other products in html format

■ Save captured data to a text file or zip file

■ Simple device selection from a graphical tree of devices

■ Capture the system startup process

■ Customize captured data such as the byte width per line, column order, and column types of interest

■ View low level protocol including SCSI sense data and USB setup packets

■ View microsecond resolution timing of each phase

■ Watch I/O on screen in real time as it happens

■ Pure software solution--no extra hardware or system changes needed


■ It captures up to 32 commands

■ It captures only the first 8 bytes of each data transfer

■ Nag Screen