IpToLocation 1.4 Crack + Serial Key Updated

It always helps to have a simple way of acquiring information about a certain IP address, whether you want to make sure your VPN service is functioning correctly or learn where a certain person is located.

IpToLocation is a lightweight application that displays your current IP and location, while also making it easy to access a web service that provides even more information.  Unfortunately, however, a very limited amount of data can be obtained without the help of an Internet browser.


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When you launch IpToLocation, it displays your IP address in the main application window, in addition to your apparent location. Of course, if you use a VPN client or proxy, the address of the server your connection is routed through will be displayed.

IpToLocation can be a handy utility if you wish to have a simple way of making sure your traffic is secure. If the application displays your actual location, it may be a good indication that your VPN service is not operational.

Sadly, no other actions can be performed without accessing the developer’s IP location web service, which means the desktop applications is not particularly useful.

It is possible to view more details about your public IP or search for information about another address, but the application simply links you to a web page where this data can be viewed.

All in all, IpToLocation Serial is a novice-friendly utility that can provide you with useful information about your own or other IP addresses. Unfortunately, however, almost no data is available without accessing a web service.

Given that you need an Internet browser to obtain a decent amount of information, you are probably better off using the web service mentioned above, as it is easy enough to find your public IP without the help of a desktop application.