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Checking whether a host is online or not only requires you to send a trivial ping command to either that host name or its IP address. However, if you want to monitor more hosts continuously, an application such as MonPing might do the trick.

The main plus of MonPing is that is simple, which comes as no surprise since it is practically just an alternative for executing ping commands in the Windows console.


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The application encompasses five slots where you can enter the IP addresses to monitor, or their corresponding hostnames. Each box has a start and a stop button assigned, which means you fully control the pinging process.

If an answer is received in due time, the application displays a relevant message within its main window, next to the host name field. On the contrary, if there is no answer, MonPing Serial can be configured to show a visual notification near the system tray. In other words, this application displays an alert in case the connection is lost.

Optionally, data can be logged for each of the five hosts. To do so, you simply have to tick the log box for the target host. A text file is saved in the application's folder, which you can open using any text viewer.

MonPing is a basic application, it is nothing astonishing about it. It can actively monitor up to five hosts, sending ping requests and waiting for the answer of each. Of course, power users might move faster using the ping command in the Windows console to check a host's status, but MonPing does provide a GUI for those who prefer not working with the command prompt.