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Autopano Giga is a professional application designed for image stitching, providing you with advanced tools for creating panoramic pictures. Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface, Autopano Giga is very simple to work with, even for the less experienced.

The application offers great-quality stitching functions, being quite impressing at recognizing similar points between pictures, while the auto-correction of moving objects makes it possible to still obtain a clear image out of a blurred shot.

Autopano Giga

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In addition, it can handle color and exposure correction almost automatically, as the 'Color Correction' utilities enable you to adjust the gamma, exposure and color tone of your pictures, resulting in professional-looking photos that you can amaze people with.

Another interesting feature is the 'Neutralhazer' component, that can eliminate the haze and whiteout in some panoramic images, by performing an analysis on every pixel's color.

The 'Panorama Editor' offered by the application provides with pixel-accurate precision, allowing you to display and adjust even the smallest details in your photographs. Using the 'Grid', you can display the panorama in a strictly defined area of pixels or degrees. Similarly, the 'Vanishing Point' feature enables you to view and decide whether they need to be adjusted or not.

Autopano Giga Serial allows you to use one of the many available projection types, such as 'Spherical', 'Rectangular', 'Pannini' or 'Mercator' projections, that enable you to modify the panorama's geometry, as well as to create highly abstract or graphical imagery.

The 'Auto Horizon' function can instantly fix panoramic pictures that are either leaning or bent, generating a more attractive visual effect.

Autopano Giga is a great tool for professional photographers but even amateurs that want to give a more artistic feel to their images, as it provides you with a number of innovative features and options to choose from and enjoy.