PortraitPro Studio Max 19.7.1 Crack Full Version

Everyone can purchase a good camera, yet not everybody can take high-quality digital photos, no matter the high-end equipment they use.

This is why there are numerous applications that help users improve the appearance of their photos with as little effort as possible - such a utility is PortraitPro Studio Max.

PortraitPro Studio Max

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The application comes with an intuitive graphic interface so you can easily select one or multiple images that you want to improve.

All the faces in the loaded pictures are automatically detected and identified as belonging to women, men, girls or boys (if you are not pleased with the detection, you can modify it as well). Next, you get to tweak each face individually, so as to make sure the results match your expectations.

The outline of the face is automatically detected, yet you can also reposition some of the points to ensure the outline is as accurate as possible.

The Before and After modes can be visible at all times, or you can focus on the currently enhanced image where you can preview the changes in realtime.

More precisely, you can alter the shape of the forehead, the jaw, the mouth, the eyebrows or of the nose, as well as the look of the neck. When it comes to the eyes, you can change their size and shape, along with the color that best suits your tastes.

Furthermore, you can also remove skin imperfections, wrinkles, shadows or pores so as to obtain a smooth look. The saturation, brightness and contrast can also be altered, together with the way the lighting falls on the edited face.

When you are satisfied with the outcome, you can either save it to a graphic file or you can share it directly on Facebook.