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When trying to enjoy a movie, it might be difficult trying to understanding characters with a thick accent or due to sound quality issues caused by the movie production (e.g. explosions are loud while character lines are almost inaudible). In this case, you can use JuMP Movie Player, a video player with a twist: it can jump to any movie scenes by searching for subtitle lines.

Since most people are non-native English speakers, sometimes paying attention to what the characters are saying can ruin the charm of a movie, and that is where subtitles come in handy. Upon startup, this software tool gives you the option to retrieve the subtitles for the movie you want to watch.

JuMP Movie Player

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It comes with a direct link to automaticaly download subtitles from a popular website (Subtitles.org), and it also lets you choose subtitle files from your offline library (SUB, SRT or SBV). The remarkable feature is the player's ability to "jump" (hence the name) to a certain word that is spoken during the movie. Another way of doing this is by using the "Scene cut analyzer", which enables you to move from one scene to another with the help of bookmarks.


Setting the main particularities aside, the program behaves well for a movie player, as it supports a variety of popular formats (for example, AVI, MKV, MP4) but it is worth mentioning that it cannot playback any audio files.

Furthermore, the "Scene cut analyzer" is resource consuming, so turning the feature off is recommended to casually watch videos without playback issues. The application also lacks any image customization features such as screen calibration, color tweaking or sound options.

You can enjoy your evenings by watching your favorite movies with this easy-to-use video player. It has good playback options and powerful subtitle customization features. Overall, JuMP Movie Player Serial is a decent alternative when trying out alternative video players.