GuideGuide 2.1.4 ~ crack/serial/keygen

GuideGuide is a graphic plugin designed to add a panel with columns, rows and midpoints. Margins

Just like they sound. Fill in the desired margins and click “Create Guides” to place margins at the specified locations.*


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Rows and Columns The real power of GuideGuide is in the columns and rows. Add your desired numbers of rows, columns and gutter widths. When you click “Create Guides” your grid will be created on the canvas with guides.* As a handy spacing tool, create columns without gutters (I use this to align navigation elements evenly).

It works with multiple unit types. Want a 10 px top margin and a 50% bottom margin? Do it! If it’s mathematically possible, GuideGuide Serial will create it for you. Leaving a field blank will cause it to be omitted. Forget to specify units? The current ruler units will be used.

Stage Vs. Selection Making columns and rows or finding the middle of a document is fine and dandy, but what if you want to find the midpoint between two objects? Here’s GuideGuide’s secret trick. If you have an active marquee selection, it will be used as the reference point for anything GuideGuide can do, rather than the stage. Simply draw a selection between the two items you want to measure between and click the desired midpoint button.