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What makes the video games of today look shiny and almost as if pulled from reality are the visual layers represented by textures. Generally, the higher the quality of the image used, the stronger the impact, at the cost of more and more system resources. Creating such textures is a task that falls into hands of designers that can use Genetica Pro to create high-quality textures and animations to later on add to more ambitious projects.

In terms of visuals, the application is modern and polished from all points of view. The interface you work with is cleverly fitted with panels and tabs that provide quick navigation through tools, while keeping editing somewhat more comfortable, not overwhelming you with all it has to offer, and it has a lot.

Genetica Pro

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There several methods through which you can create textures, and the easiest one is through the overview panel. By adding multiple layers of objects and effects you can create textures with a few mouse clicks. On the other hand, you can go ahead and edit each node and combine different layers, choose orders and apply multiple effects to set the desired quality and style. What's more, there's a real time updating preview area always at your disposal for instant feedback.

Resources you work with benefit from a high amount of flexibility. It's amongst the first steps, with the application letting you choose whether to work on one of the available textures, imported pictures which can be of popular formats, custom drawing that can be created in the built-in editor, which is also the case for environment maps.

It's a good idea to take you're time and go through the rich documentation, because the application puts a confusing amount of different utilities and editors at your disposal. You notice this when in the nodes panel, which lets you create multiple layers, link them together, with the result cleverly combining all of them.

Besides piling up layers, you can add several advanced utilities such as a canvas, cut and tile, fiber, layer, noise, style, weather and wood labs. Most of them bring up separate windows fitted with dedicated sliders and values to customize effects, which are only limited by your imagination.

Although it may seem a little overwhelming when diving into customization, once acquainted with the set of features, high-quality textures under different styles and patterns are automatically created, with your effort consisting of adjusting a few sliders.

In case the preview section is not enough, there's a built-in renderer that only takes a little while to process all layers and have them displayed in high-quality. You can set output resolution, enable anti-alias, batch render, create environment map, floating view and a few more. These settings also determine the final output, which can be under a fair amount of formats like JPG, PNG, TGA, TIF, BMP, PFM and HDR.

To sum it up, Genetica Pro Serial deserves a seat at the winners table for the amount, variety and depth of customization options with which you can create textures to be used in any type of project. Built-in drawing tools and image editors make sure you have all you need at your fingertips. There's a rich library of content at your disposal besides images you can import, with a renderer providing almost instant feedback and the result delivered according to expectations, or even better.