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MindMaple Pro is a modern and comprehensive piece of software designed from the ground up to offer you a distraction-free environment and all the tools required for project managing, concept mapping, brainstorming and task scheduling.

Upon first opening the application, you are greeted by a streamlined and clear-cut interface, with a modern ribbon toolbar that provides you with quick access to all the features without over-complicating things.

MindMaple Pro

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As expected, the utility enables you to add new topics and move them around with absolute freedom. Furthermore, you can add details to your mindmaps, such as documents, relationships, boundaries and hyperlinks.

Regardless of you wanting to use MindMaple for home or business-related tasks or simply for education purposes, the app can handle it. For example, it allows you to organize multiple threads of ideas so that you can keep track of responsibilities, deadlines, contacts and budgets.

Furthermore, MindMaple can also be successfully used for presentations, all while enabling you to focus on multiple ideas and the whole concept. When it comes to note taking, MindMaple can help by allowing you to structure and categorize the information.

You can also share your projects and mindmaps with your colleagues. A very good thing is the fact that you can share your mindmaps including their images, attachments and analysis. While not a specialized tool for this exact purpose, the app can also be employed for even planning.

Moreover, the app also comes with support for advanced Microsoft Office exporting options and with support for password protecting your projects. Besides all this, you can also export your work to PDF, to change the app's theme, colors, clip arts and backgrounds.

Taking all of the above into careful consideration, MindMaple is a straightforward and comprehensive software solution for mind mapping with a lot of real-life applications. In some respects, the app can provide (at least temporary) replacement for other specialized tools for presentations, for scheduling and finance and note taking and sharing.