WinTopo Pro 3.6 Crack + Keygen (Updated)

WinTopo Pro is a conversion tool that can turn a raster image to a vector one. The difference between them is that the latter supports magnification without losing its quality.

The application installs quickly and makes available a simple interface, waiting for a raster image to be loaded and processed into geometric objects.

WinTopo Pro

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The program integrates features for all sorts of users and projects, offering the possibility to vectorize the item based on predefined settings as well as to edit the image manually until the best result is reached.

One-touch vectorization feature allows the user to create a profile with settings suitable for a particular type of image that does not necessarily require manual processing.

These include raster thinning settings, background analysis, arc recognition, vector intersections, and vector extraction. All of them sport various settings for more refined configuration.

Manipulating the raster image is rich in options, the list being populated by tools that allow modifying the colors in the raster image, adjusting the gamma, brightness and contrast levels, cleaning it of specks and spots, removing loose ends from longer lines or getting rid of the pixels in order to smooth corners.

WinTopo Pro Serial includes support for lossless vectorization by producing a vector for every change in direction of a line of pixels.

The application is versatile and provides a great set of tools for helping users reach the best results. It integrates tools for creating smooth corners as well as instruments for detecting the boundaries between objects in the image.

Apart from this, the answer for any question can be found in the documentation file that comes with the application.