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Amberlight is an interesting piece of software that can provide you with the proper tools to create original art using digital filters and particles, creating visual effects similar to solar plasma emissions or magnetic fields, but in a variety of colors.

The program has an appealing user-interface, displaying all the commands and functions in side-panels, for ease of access, while the numerous buttons and sliders enable you to adjust the intensity of the used filters.


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Amberlight lets you open an existing image that you want to further work with, yet have the option of starting from scratch, by setting the preferred canvas size, the playback speed, the background color and the DPI value.

Subsequently, you can use the 'Scene' panel to zoom in or out (you can also do this with your mouse scroll) and adjust the number of 'Fields' from the assigned slider. By pressing the 'Edit' button, a series of adjustable circles will appear on your canvas, allowing you to resize them however you please, if you drag their central points towards the inside or outside, or adjust modifiers.

You can change their position, which in turn will generate different effects, by pressing the point in the center of the field, but you can also use the 'Random' button if you are willing to leave their size and location to chance. From the 'Contrast Curve' section, you can adjust the 'Base', 'Peak', 'Limit' and 'Opacity' levels, while the 'Filter' enables you to activate or deactivate the 'Tint' color and the 'Glow'. From the 'Palette' panel, you can customize the 'Hue', 'Saturation' and 'Lightness', as well as choose a preferred 'Gradient'.

Additionally, Amberlight Serial allows layer blending and comes with an integrated timeline panel that can help you gain control over the animation playback and keyframes.

Amberlight can create very interesting patterns that can make your images stand out. With its help, you can create amazing looking content with embedded light trails and glowing lines. In other words, Amberlight is a fun application that can help you create your own digital art, using a variety of colors and effects, that you can share with friends or online and amaze everyone with your artistic skills.