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Creating a 3D model of any kind is tedious work, as you need to precisely place each point in space so that it matches the desired output. Using an application that can help you set points and entities in space properly can be a lifesaving.

RTOPO is a utility tool that comes together with its own CAD system, the RCAD, and that helps you manipulate your 3D models easily. Using the application, you can interactively modify the coordinates and position of certain point in the 3D virtual space.


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After loading a model in the main application, you can use RTOPO to edit your 3D entity. You can easily reposition a point in space, as well as perform other advanced modifications, such as triangulation or isoline creation.

Furthermore, you can calculate the estimated volume, 3D area and center of gravity of any model or entity. The program gives you the possibility to create cross sections and longitudinal profiles of your model.

Additionally, RTOPO Serial allows you to represent 4D points, the fourth dimension representing a scalar or a color, specified by her RGB code.

You can use RTOPO along with RCAD to run certain scripts that automatically create models. The application also supports rules written in its command line area, so you can manually input any modification or tweak the base functionality of your entity.

In addition, the program can load DXF files created by other similar CAD systems, thus increasing 3D model flexibility and portability.

RTOPO, distributed together with RCAD, allows you to create or edit various 3D models, as well as to perform advanced operations, such as shading, lighting or creating a motion path animation. You can easily use this software to define your final 3D entity, so that it seamlessly integrates with other models.