Microsoft Paint 5.1.2600.5918 (XP version) Activation Code Full Version

Microsoft Paint, or solely Paint, a name so popular that both Windows and non-Windows users know of it. Even though it's been around since 1985, when Microsoft launched the first version of Windows, it's safe to say that Paint's transformation over the years is not exactly impressive.

Well, this would be true only if Microsoft wouldn't have rolled out the Windows 10 Creators Update, which gave Paint a very interesting update which has bestowed upon the long-standing art creation/graphics editor accessible yet quite efficient 3D capabilities.

Microsoft Paint

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Nostalgic users should not fret though since Paint is still very much present by default even in the latest version of Windows. This brings us to a predicament: what if your hipster-levels are off the charts and you don't want the latest versions of Paint (not the 3D one) with the way-too-modern-by-1995-standards ribbon toolbar, and you actually prefer the older ones instead?

The answer is quite simple: download the oldschool XP version of Paint from our servers, and run that instead. Say goodbye to the modern-ish ribbon toolbar and say hello to the year 2001 all over again.

The Paint version that came by default on Windows XP had various improvements over the initial version of Paint, with as little stylistic changes as possible. Small examples include support for JPEG, TIFF, and PNG (in addition to BMP) and the fact that it could help you upload images from a scanner or a digital camera with no more than a few mouse clicks.

While the "modern" version of Paint from Windows 7 onwards allow you to undo up to 50 subsequent changes, you will have to with just three on this XP version but, hey, this is not fashion, retro software means retro functionality, as well.