Normalmap Generator 0.4.4 / 0.4.5 Beta Crack With Activation Code 2020

Normal, specular and displacement maps are used in modeling to enhance the appearance of objects without creating additional polygons, as well as to control the reflectivity of surfaces.

Normalmap Generator is an open-source application that can help you generate all these types of maps for multiple image textures in one operation. It offers some interesting features, and it is quite easy to use.

Normalmap Generator

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If you need to create maps for a large number of images, this application is certainly a great choice. You can import every source file at once, and the program even supports drag and drop.

Normalmap Generator allows you to work with images saved to multiple formats, namely, PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PPM, XPM, TGA and QIF. You can also specify which maps should be exported before launching the operation.

Normal maps can be generated using the Sobel and Prewitt methods, and you can customize a number of parameters. Of particular note is the “Keep Large Detail” option, which enables you to maintain overall curvature information for large textures while still keeping fine details.

When generating specular and displacement maps, you can set the brightness and contrast, RGB values and, for the latter, the blur amount. The live preview makes it easy to tell what the maps will look like after altering various parameters.

It is worth noting that quite a few new features are planned for Normalmap Generator Serial, such as the 3D preview window, which you can test in the Beta version of the application. Some bugs may also be present, but this program looks very promising indeed.

On the whole, this is a well-designed piece of software that can be very helpful for users who need to generate normal, specular and displacement maps for multiple texture files. It features a simple but intuitive UI, and it is not at all difficult to use.