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A quadratic recurrence equation may not sound like a fun thing to have on your mind, but if you manage to look a bit more in-depth, you will see that a visually enticing set of fractals are obtained based on it. The Mandelbrot set, as it is called, to be more specific.

If we have caught your attention, an application such as Kainet AppleMan may be to your liking since it allows you not only to view these fractals but also edit and save them to your computer, all in an intuitive user interface.

Kainet AppleMan

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First of all, it is worth pointing out that the application requires no installation, which means that, in order to open it, all you need to do is double-click its executable file. Its developer recommends it as a portable tool, but users should be aware that a dependency still exists, namely .NET Framework.

And now for the fun part. The application comes with a set of fractals you can explore and edit. Dragging the fractal to change its position is possible, and the same applies to zooming in and out of it using your mouse wheel.

As for advanced tweaks, you just need to right-click the main window to have a context menu provide you with your alternatives. Generating a color palette or loading one from a file can be done to customize your fractal, with the possibility of replacing any chromatic element with whatever your imagination may want you to.

Regarding the output you can create, it is worth mentioning that you can save your custom fractals as PNG images to a location of your choice.

On an ending note, Kainet AppleMan Serial is a fun program that helps you view Mandelbrot fractals and interact with them in a hassle-free manner since it allows you to express your creativity by testing chromatic combinations of all sorts in a GUI that is easy to get accustomed to.