EasySlideshow 0.4.4 Crack Full Version

If you’ve ever had to create a slideshow, you may have had trouble finding an application that allows you to do this quickly, without making you waste a lot of time for no reason.

EasySlideshow is a very straightforward utility that can instantly generate a slideshow using images from one or several folders. It is remarkably easy to use, although it offers a rather limited range of features.


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The program consists of a single executable file, and you don’t need to install anything on your PC before running it. It is fairly lightweight, so it shouldn’t be difficult to carry it around on a portable storage device, although the app itself is not fully portable.

Essentially, you can play a slideshow by simply launching the application. It will grab random images from the preset directories and display each of them for a user-defined amount of time.

Once the slideshow has started, you can pause or launch it again at any time, skip to the next or previous photo, as well as rotate them 90 degrees. Helpful keyboard shortcuts can be used to perform these actions, but the key combinations are not customizable.

When you click on an image, the application can open the source folder, pause the slideshow or do nothing at all. Multiple paths can be added, and you can specify how long each picture should be displayed.

EasySlideshow Serial’s straightforward design should be appreciated, but it lacks some useful features, most notably an option for the user to change the order in which the images are displayed.

It is also worth noting that a true full-screen mode is not available, as the toolbar and title bar are shown even when maximizing the application, and they cannot be hidden.

In conclusion, EasySlideshow is an interesting tool that can be very helpful whenever you need to play a quick slideshow. It still needs a few improvements, however, as some important features are missing.