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Recomposit is a practical photo editing application designed to help you edit or extract backgrounds and objects from pictures.

Recomposit can be used by photographers or photo editors who need a powerful tool when it comes to the difficult task of photo masking.


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Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit

To those who do not often use such applications, some functions might not be familiar and, as such, beginners might need to browse the documentation before using Recomposit. On the other hand, professional features such as inside/outside edge masking, stroke-based masking or trimap matting can prove useful to the more experienced ones.

The 'Matting' feature is the one that enables you to cut objects from the background. You need a picture that has a green or blue background for the chromakey matting function to properly work. If everything goes as planned and the result is the one you desire, you can save time using the batch function. Recomposit can apply the same settings to multiple pictures at once.

The application also allows you to rotate or flip a picture in any direction, to modify its shape and to change its size. Furthermore, you can adjust the colors by increasing or decreasing the hue, the saturation and the luminance levels and calibrating the white balance.

Additionally, Recomposit Serial enables you to tweak the film properties by modifying the sharpness, the color boost or temperature, and the exposure in EV.

Recomposit can also be installed as a Photoshop plugin, which makes it more versatile and competitive, taking into consideration its niche.

Such an impressive array of functions, starting from the most basic, as rotating or flipping a picture, to the most complex, as inside edge matting and object masking, transforms Recomposit into a useful photo editor that is worth trying.