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In terms of design, specialized computer applications provide a more accurate environment to prepare sketches or simply create works of art. Drawing is supported by an abundance of tools, with Arabic Calligrapher being only one of them, coming equipped with a set of tools that allow you to create images or resources with an Arabic style.

Running the application brings up a fairly clean and organized interface. With a gridded, large workspace and an upper toolbar that provides quick access to main tools, you quickly get acquainted with what the application has to offer.

Arabic Calligrapher

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The first things you notice when you start drawing, is the custom design of utilities. Unlike most drawing applications, you don't get to use pencils and brushes, but a point and click method which allows you to make precise designs. For example, a polygon tool lets you create at least three sided geometrical shapes by providing the total number, all of them being created with the same length.

There aren't many drawing utilities, with most adjustments being done by modifying size and style values. For more precision, each object must be selected before movement or adjustment options can be done, and it can be a little tricky since you need to drag a box around the object in order to select it.

What's more, shapes can be colored using a dedicated palette, which lets you pick two colors that can be mixed either in a linear or focal method. The application also comes equipped with a decent object gallery you can use either to get inspired or to use in projects.

As a result, you can obtain pretty impressive graphics, but the overall process can be a little time-consuming because of editing options. Shapes beautifully transform by creating regions, setting envelope width and angles, or path exit angles. However, modifying values requires you to access the tool each time, with no preview section available. Moreover, the lack of undo and redo buttons leaves little to no room for mistakes.

Furthermore, the application lets you arrange objects on the Z axis, to better blend in colors and shapes. However, the lack of a layer navigation tool along with the odd selection method make positioning a little difficult. Seeing how it's equipped with various image editing and creating tools, it's a shame little formats are supported to load in your project. On the other hand, the application lets you export to a decent number of types, like JPG, TIF, PNG, as well as a few more, in case you want to apply more enhancements using external tools.

On an ending note, Arabic Calligrapher Serial is a drawing application with enhanced accuracy tools that enables you to create neat Arabic designs. The interface quickly gets you up and running through its simplicity, but the overall design leaves a little something to be desired. However, it can be of help for designing decorative elements or abstract drawings.