PatternGenerator 2.1 Crack With Serial Number

As its name states, PatternGenerator is a straightforward piece of software that allows you to generate various graphical patterns, both as static images and as animations.

Before anything else, you should know that this application requires the presence of Java on your computer's system in order to work as intended. Secondly, you should know that the app provides you with two pattern modes since the pattern possibilities are virtually endless.


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The first pattern mode allows you to create interesting virtual shapes like circles, ellipses, regular polygons, with various types of symmetry. The second is a bit different since it's mostly useful when it comes to creating non-intersecting polygonal paths on a sort of triangular grid.

The app's itself is pretty intuitive, mainly thanks to its no-frills, tabbed interface with simple controls on display. You can easily create new patterns or load already existing ones from the File menu, and edit their parameters from the Edit menu.

Of course, each pattern mode features its distinct parameter menu but, in short, you're provided with various means to tweak them accordingly. You can change aspects such as size, symmetry, orientation, color, and animation parameters in regards to both modes, with a few differences.

You're also provided with the possibility to add descriptions to your patterns and view them in a sort of step-by-step slideshow or a continuous animation. Despite its overall simplicity the app even sports a Preferences section from where you can change various aspects regarding the main functionality, appearance, and so forth.

All in all, PatternGenerator Serial is a nifty little app that does its job rather well. It may not look the part, but it's simplistic enough to be used by advanced and novice users alike.