Nevo Audio Joiner 2.1 Crack + License Key

Nevo Audio Joiner is a software utility designed to merge two parts extracted from the same audio track or distinct files. It offers support for WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, AVI, MPEG, MP1, MP2, G721, MPC and MP+ formats.

After the setup kit gets unpacked effortlessly, you're welcomed by a simple window with an outdated appearance, representing the tool's interface.

Nevo Audio Joiner

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You can get started by loading an audio track with one of the supported file types. It can be played to listen to the music as well as to mark the beginning and end position of the sections you're attempting to trim and apply into the newly joined file.

There are two separate audio streams available for making two cutout selections, whether they are both from the same song or different ones. It's possible thanks to the fact that Nevo Audio Joiner remembers the start and end times, even after closing a file to open another one.

Moreover, you can analyze the wave spectrum marked by the sample rate and decibels, as well as to move the slider to seek a particular position in the music stream. However, a noteworthy aspect is that the tool is not capable of marking start and end positions right after moving the slider; it's necessary to hit the play button beforehand and, optionally, to pause it.

When it comes to the output, the application can be instructed to combine the two track selections into a single file and place it in any preferred directory. On the other hand, you should know that it's necessary to specify the file extension too or the app shall produce files with unassociated formats. The output files can have an extension different from the input, so the tool is also an audio converter.

To sum it up, Nevo Audio Joiner Serial delivers a simple and straightforward solution for cutting out parts of music files to combine the two into a single file. However, the software project has been discontinued for a while, and the last update was made a long time ago.