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The SkimID3 application was designed to be a console utility that reads metainformation from sound files in formats MP3, Ogg, WMA, ASF, WAV. Information is written on standard output in the format AttributeName=Attribute value. Output format changes to SET AttributeName=Attribute value when parameter /S (alias /SET) is used.

Inspected filename is given as command line parameter and must be enclosed in double quotes if it contains spaces. Wildcard characters ? * are not allowed in the filename.


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When a parameter /D or /DC is given instead of file name, SkimID3 creates HTML documentation file SkimID3.HTM (English) or SkimID3C.HTM (Czech) in the current directory.

Parameter /S (or /Set) tells SkimID3 Serial to prefix each output line with the command SET. This allows to set metainformation into environment variables in W9x batches.

Parameter /W (or /Wait) makes SkimID3 to wait until a key Enter is pressed. This prevents the console window from quickly disapearing when SkimID3 is invoked from Explorer or from Start/Run dialog.