RX-PSK31 3.0.1 ~ crack/serial/keygen

Easy to use Audio Spectrum- and PSK31 decoding program specially designed for SWL's who don't need TX or for anyone who just like to monitor PSK31 or analyse signals. Adjustable DSP and Spectrum settings for audio and frequency spectrum analasys or to set it for best decoding of PSK31 signals.

Decodes very well even under very noisy conditions! Has an option to calculate the direction and distance between two locators. You can open/save the received PSK31 data and open/save the Waterfall as a BMP to disk. Automatic logging of all received PSK-text to a file on your harddisk and has a handy internal Notebook build in. A build-in alarm will notify you when a certain word is found in the decoded PSK31 text.


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