Sofonesia DVD Clipper and Joiner 1.1 ~ crack/serial/keygen

If you need a quick way to save a fragment of a video or to join two clips into one file, you may want to get a dedicated software solution such as Sofonesia DVD Clipper and Joiner.

Opening a compatible video is done very easily and performing a rough cut only takes a few clicks.

Sofonesia DVD Clipper and Joiner

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The drawbacks emerge when you want to have more control over the playback of the video or when you want to fine-tune the timeline of the part you want to cut. You can only set the start or end times while the video is playing and there is no way to slow it down. This might lead to incomplete clips.

The program's solution to one of the above drawbacks comes in the form of a “Customize selection” option but, even then, the only inputs are the starting and ending bytes where the frames are. Although this might be good for millisecond precision, finding out the byte of a certain frame might not be easy to discover.

While you can perform the usual actions of playing, pausing, stopping and dragging the playback cursor across the timeline, you cannot do them in the clip preview, like you might be used to with other video players. Also, the slider bar in the main window is not resizable, so you might find it difficult to jump to a specific frame or make slight adjustments.

In addition to the clipping feature, the software solution allows the joining of videos, as the name of the program suggests. Such an option is great when you have cut multiple fragments and you want to combine them. The downside is that it can only merge two clips at a time.

If you are just looking for a software solution to do rough video cuts and maybe merge two of them, then Sofonesia DVD Clipper and Joiner Serial might be the answer for you. But if you need a bit more customization options, you should look elsewhere.