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Listening to your favorite songs on a computer requires a dedicated player capable of reading audio files under different formats. There’s a default Windows tool for this, but the market is full of alternatives, even if you’re only interested in visuals. For instance, Hiena mp3 Player comes as a lightweight media player for those day when you just want to enjoy a song or two and nothing more.

On the bright side of things, this lightweight media player doesn’t even need to get installed in order to function, which means it can be stored on a USB flash drive and used on other computers as well. However, it was built on the Java platform, and Java Runtime Environment is one of the primary requirements, so make sure this component is installed on the computer you use it.

Hiena mp3 Player

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The visual design is decent, making a good first impression, apart from the command prompt window that stays in the background during usage. Although pretty compact, the central control interface manages to hold all playback options, progress and volume sliders, as well as options to shuffle and repeat, for more diversity.

To further expand the horizon of possibilities, and to make it a proper audio player, the application also comes with a built-in playlist editor. It can easily be brought up and attached to the main control panel. Files can’t be dragged there, so you need to rely on the built-in dialog to add MP3, OGG, SND, WAV, or AU files.

Sadly, you need to bring up the main window every time you want to manage playback controls, because there’s no built-in support for hotkeys. What’s more, the playlist can’t be exported, but it is kept safe and becomes available the next time Hiena mp3 Player Serial runs.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Hiena mp3 Player is a lightweight application that somehow manages to live up to expectations, despite the lack of advanced features and general simplicity. It’s packed with the bare necessities and commodities of an audio player, like a playlist editor, shuffle and repeat options, being just right after a long day’s work.