Pira CZ Silence Detector 1.2a ~ crack/serial/keygen

Pira CZ Silence Detector is a freeware application which guards presence of audio signal on recording line of PC sound card. If no sound is present for a specified time, specified tasks are executed. This utility is a valuable application for all radio stations where continuous audio can be very important.

Even if your broadcast automation system crashes or your radio link gets out, the Pira CZ Silence Detector will make the steps to repair it, switch to backup audio source and inform executive person. Don't be afraid of hours of silence anymore!

Pira CZ Silence Detector

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Here are some key features of "Pira CZ Silence Detector":

■ Send alert email message

■ Save actual screenshot (and optionally attach it to email)

■ Run application(s), play backup mp3 file(s)

■ Reboot/shutdown the system

■ Kill application(s)

■ Drive port pin

■ Send HTTP query (inform about the status on your web site)

■ Speak using the Windows SAPI


■ Pentium 266 MHz or better

■ 16-bit sound card