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EasyPMP is a designed to be a management software for various portable media players.

Many portable music players allow the user to browse tracks by artist, album, genre, predefined playlists etc. In order to do this efficiently, they require a database of track information.


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Without this database, the player may require the user to browse tracks using only the directory structure. easypmp exists to create music database and playlists, based on the tracks and playlists that are stored on the player.

Normally, EasyPMP Serial is able to detect the type of any supported media player automatically. It does so by comparing the files and directories found at the specified mount point with the list of files it expects to find on each type of device that it supports. If no mount point is specified, the current working directory is assumed to be the mount point.

In order to check that EasyPMP can identify the type of media player, the media player should be mounted as a USB device.

The program should then be run without any command line switches (although the mount point should be specified if it is not the current directory). If the device is recognised, EasyPMP displays information about the device, including the directories in which it expects to find music and playlists on that device. If the device is not recognised, an error message to this effect is shown.