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Since music is a heavily integrated part of the online world nowadays, you don’t have to look on a CD cover to know tracks names, artists, and other related details. MP3 audio files are fitted with various info fields you can easily view and edit with specialized applications like MP3TagMaster.

Before you go off checking the application’s set of features, and even before you can, you need to make sure that Java Runtime Environment is installed on your computer. Apart from this, the application can run right after download is done, because it doesn’t take you through a setup process. This also means that system registries remain intact, thus not affecting the health status of the PC you use it on.


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On launch, the interface shows up with a classic Java design. At first, most of the main window is empty, but this is because MP3 files you load end up there, with various related details shown. There’s the possibility to select columns you want to display, with options like name, copyright, encoder, title, URL, directory, comment, year, album, track, artist, composer, and genre.

MP3TagMaster Serial doesn’t let you just drag files of interest over the main window, so you need to use the built-in browse dialog to load files. However, be sure to select the folder you want, because the application can only work with directories in the browse dialog, and no files being displayed, even though there’s a field to choose type.

Info is automatically shown in corresponding fields and columns you chose to display. Apart from analysis, the application also lets you edit, and this is easily done by writing down appropriate values in corresponding fields. Changes are highlighted, and can even be undone in case you managed to mess things up too much.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that MP3TagMaster does exactly what the name suggests, letting you easily view and edit tags of MP3 files. This helps you create an organized collection of songs, by adding all related details. Although it feels a little rough around the edges, it manages to get the job properly done.