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Samplexer was designed to be a VST plugin that falls somewhere between being a VSTi and an effect, a kind of on-the-fly sampler that lets you record in real time from a sound source such as another VSTi, and then immediately play back the sample, keyed to the notes you play.

For example, put Samplexer after a VSTi. Play a short arpeggio with Samplexer's Record on. The arp can then be triggered by any MIDI note. Playback can be looped or reversed. Samplexer uses simple pitch shifting, so playback speed will vary in proportion to pitch.


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Pitches are relative to middle A (440 Hz), so if you record a short A minor arp, playing a C will trigger it in Cm, etc. Of course, you're not limited to arpeggios. A sample can be any audio, up to 1 minute in length.

Samples are saved to disk when recorded, and loaded automatically when selected. You can save up to 100 samples, 10 banks of 10 slots each. The samples are stored as raw data in a folder that Samplexer creates inside the current directory of its host application.

Recorded samples can be trimmed non-destructively at the start and/or end, or a trim can be made permanent with "Save Trim". Undo is available for both recording and "Save Trim". Samples can also be copied and pasted from one slot/bank to another.

In an effort to support as many hosts as possible, Samplexer Serial comes in 2 varieties: Samplexer Serial VST (samplexer.dll) and Samplexer Serial VSTi (samplexer_i.dll). Some hosts will not send MIDI to a VST effect, others don't care. There is no difference in features or performance between the 2 flavors, so use whichever works best in your environment.

One trick I've found that works in some hosts that don't directly provide support for chaining Samplexer after a VSTi is to put both into slots of Xlutop Chainer VSTi. A demo version of Chainer, fully functional except for saving presets, is available for free download from .

Each Samplexer control has a brief help tip that you can read by hovering the mouse over the button, slider, etc.

All controls are MIDI automated, and you can easily assign them to MIDI controllers of your choice. Simply press the Learn button, move a Samplexer control, then move the knob or slider on your MIDI controller. Not all hosts support this feature, however, as some have different ways of handling MIDI Automation.