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Making music on the computer isn’t a new thing, with applications that can simulate instruments without the need to plug them in. However, sound can be used in more ways, with dedicated apps to create effects, even turn pictures to sound, or generate it from a sequence of effects. This is what Beeper lets you perform, giving you full control over speed, pitch, and other options.

One of the main advantages is the application skips you both the time, and effort of going through a setup process, and can be launched right after download is done. This also means you can store, and use it from a thumb drive, without worrying that the target PC gets affected, because registries are not modified.


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The main windows is pretty clean, with no visual elements to make it stand out from the crowd, but visuals are not the center of attention here. What’s more, the simplicity in design lets you quickly get familiar with the set of features.

By default, the list of sounds is empty, so you have to start off by adding a few. The creation process is simple, only requiring you to adjust two value fields. One of them refers to frequency, determining the pitch of the sound, while the second value field represents duration, which is specified in milliseconds.

Double-clicking an existing item lets you modify values. These can be arranged to determine play order, but you need to use the toolbar controls. It can take a bit of time to create an audio file, especially if you want sound to vary. Unfortunately, there aren’t any effects to add, such as reverb, or gain, and export options might leave you scratching your head for a while, because you need to manually write the extension as well.

Bottom line is that Beeper Serial comes in handy for building effects by combining different frequencies together. The creation process is simple, but it can take some time, especially because of arrangement options, and lack of a timeline view. The set of features is rather shallow, with no effects, leaving more to be desired overall.