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Every product, virtual or palpable, is equipped with some form of documentation so the consumer knows what it contains and how it's used. The same goes for music, with files capable of containing an abundance of dedicated details that range from basic artist info to album images. In this regard, MP3 Rectifier comes as a practical solution to modify this data for more audio files at a time.

I terms of visuals, the application keeps everything simple so you can easily focus on details rather than keeping you stuck in the accommodation process. Most of the space is used to show target files in an organized table, along with related info like filename, track, artist, album, title, year, and a lot more. Bottom and upper toolbars make sure all input fields and functions you trigger are at your fingertips.

MP3 Rectifier

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The only import method is through the open dialog which is used to target directories. However, you need to make sure there aren't any subdirectories or other file formats, because nothing is imported in this case. What's more, the only format you can load is MP3, in case the name was not clear enough.

Editing is pretty easy, with different tabs letting you easily view and edit general ID3v2, ID3v1, comments, and pictures on the spot. There's an automatic save function you can toggle so you don't lose any data. Updates are applied and displayed in real time.

In case audio files you load don't come with any tags or info is wrong, you can remove ID3v1 and ID3v2 info at the press of a button. In addition, you can generate new ID3 tags from existing files using a dedicated tool. It brings up a new window fitted with helpful descriptions and examples, leaving you to write down simple or regular expressions through which data is grabbed.

The application lets you modify all of your files at a time. This comes in handy for adding artist and album to multiple songs, but other variables aren't equipped with at least a feature to create number sequences, so you need to edit each item in order to properly add all details.

When done, hitting the “Save” button fills in all missing details in the original files. Sadly, you can't export to other file formats, but what you can do is have playlists created with your files under formats like PLS, and M3U, as well as simply exporting an XML list of items or album pictures.

With all features explained, it's time to deliver the final blow. The application stopped receiving updates for some time now, and by the looks of it, chances are it's not going to any time soon. A disappointing consequence is that you're limited to the thirty day trial period, after which it's probably time to look for alternatives.

On an ending note, MP3 Rectifier Serial comes with good intentions and manages to deliver a suitable solution to easily equip your collection of songs with all the right info. Accommodation only takes a little while thanks to the intuitive, simple design, while all editing requires little effort and time. The only thing you need to consider is the limited amount of time put at your disposal due to the project being left behind.