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The DH_EnvSeg SynthEdit module was developed to be a modular building block that generates one segment of an envelope, and links with other DH_EnvSeg modules to create multi-stage envelope generators.

Inputs: Gate In - Starts generation of this segment of the envelope. Triggered on rise from negative or 0 to positive.


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Start Level - The starting level of this segment of the envelope.

End Level - The ending level of this segment of the envelope.

Duration - The rise, fall, or hold time of this segment of the envelope. Range -10 to +10, same time cent scale as SE ADSR. Can be used with DH_msToVoltage to allow input in milliseconds..

Release Gate - Stops segment generation, whether or not the time period specified in Duration has been completed. Triggered on fall from positive to 0.

Loop - Controls segment repetition. If positive when the segment reaches the end of the Duration period, the Start Level is read again, and the segment repeats, beginning at that level. If 0, the segment ends normally. A drop from positive to 0 on the Release Gate input will interrupt the loop immediately.

Response Curve - Profile of the segment's rise or fall. 4 types are available:

Linear (constant rate of change)

Log (rapid change at first, then becomes slower)

Exp (slow change at first, then becomes more rapid)

S-curve (change starts slowly, becomes more rapid, then slows down again)

Outputs: Gate Out - Sends a pulse to trigger the Gate In of the next DH_EnvSeg Serial module when this one is done.

Level Out - Sends this segment's current level at the time it stops to the next DH_EnvSeg module.

Envelope Out - Outputs the envelope signal for this segment of the envelope, 0 otherwise.

Combining Segment Outputs: Each DH_EnvSeg module generates its segment of an envelope independently. As the designer of a custom envelope generator, you need to take this into account. For example, if you simply add the Envelope Outs of all of your segments together and the first segment in a chain can be retriggered before the last segment completes, you will get the sum of the 2 segment outputs, which is probably not what you want. Combining the outputs with a DH_Max module would probably work better in that situation. DH_EnvSeg is a flexible building block; how you use it, together with other modules, to build your EGs is up to you.