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The DH_MIDIVelocityCtrl SynthEdit module was developed to allow graphic input and manipulation of a custom velocity response curve.



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MIDI In - MIDI input stream from MIDI keyboard

Bkgnd RGB, Text RGB, Line RGB - Background, text and line colors for the graphic window, as composite RGB integer values. The DH_TextToRGB and DH_ColorPicker modules in the DH_Sub-ControlPak are recommended as handy tools for setting these colors. The modules are free for unlimited use within the SynthEdit environment.


MIDI Out - MIDI input stream with Note On velocities scaled according to the user-defined velocity response graph.

Graphic Window:

This is a 128 x 128 grid. The horizontal axis represents the input velocity (0 - 127), and the vertical axis represents the output velocity (0 - 127). The window is resizable in both the structure and panel views.

The grid initially appears with a diagonal line that represents a linear response: the output velocity = the input velocity at all levels.

You adjust the response by adding nodes to the line. Add a node by double-clicking on any point. You can add as many nodes as you need to create the response curve you want.

Nodes can be dragged above the diagonal line to make the output velocity higher at a given horizontal input velocity, or below the diagonal line to make the output velocity less than the input velocity. The input and output values are shown in the upper left corner as you drag a node.

To delete a node, click on it while pressing the Ctrl key.

The drawn response curves can be saved as part of a patch.