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TyMusicDB is able to recognize up to 10.000 different musical pieces or other audio data coming from a streaming audio source (e.g. FM tuner or microphone) in fractions of a second. A log file is created with a detailed description of which parts of certain songs were played when, and how long.

TyMusicDB is capable of identifying a song by "listening" to only a very short fragment of it. This fragment may come from a random position in the song.

Tyberis Music Database

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Instead of storing the entire audio data of a song, only a small file containing its digital fingerprint is used for recognition. It should be noted that the program cannot identify any songs that you haven't added to the database. Songs can be imported from mp3 or wav files or can be directly recorded from an audio source.

The recognition algorithm is designed to identify songs based on their acoustical properties and is thus very robust against noise and other distortion.

If the input signal is sufficiently strong and has very little noise (e.g. coming from an FM tuner) a sample of only 1 second in length will suffice for a correct identification.