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Most music files contain all details regarding artist, genre, production, and more, also known as audio tags. These can be edited through conventional means, directly from the Properties panel under the Details tab. What’s more, applications like Opaqua can use these details to your advantage to organize your collection.

For the application to properly function you need to make sure that Java Runtime Environment is on your PC. No setup is required, so you’re free to launch the application right after download, and use it on other computers directly from a thumb drive, without having to worry that stability is affected.


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On launch, the application asks for your song collection root folder. Before actually taking matters into your own hands, tags need to be attributed to directory levels, but you only get to pick tags like genre, artist, and album. Don’t worry, these attributes can also be changed later on.

Levels represent the folder structure until a song is reached. It’s important to properly assign tags to levels because level info is used to write the new, or missing tag. This means that your music collection must already be organized in a specific structure to be able to modify, or update any tags.

The application reads level assignment, and fills in the corresponding tag according to the level folder name. There are no options for the artist tag to configure, but genre and album info can be modified.

Genre can be changed by simply selecting a new value from a drop-down menu. As for album, you can only leave the tag intact, or change to the default tag value, but this only applies if some files are not placed under an album folder.

Bottom line is that even though Opaqua Serial wants to update tags for your entire collection, the process is rather time-consuming. Source folders need to be fitted with proper names for the whole operation to be successful, with no possibility to simply specify what values to update, and how.