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This plugin was developed to be an external event module is an input module for SynthEdit that can be controlled externally. Each module is given an event name that it listens for, and it monitors a Windows event object.

Parameters: - Low Value: The value for a low (unsignaled) output

External Event

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- High Value: The value for a high (signaled) output

- Pulse Width: The duration of a pulse in pulse mode. 10V = 1 second

- Check Delay: How often to check the state of the event. 10V = 1 second

- Mode: How to handle the event. Pulse: The event is automatically reset and a pulse is generated with the specified pulse width. Continuous: The event is not reset and the output is set based on the state of the event. If the event is signaled, the output is high. If

the event is not signaled, the output is low.

- Name: The name of the event to monitor. The MAXIMUM size of this string is 100 bytes. The name is appened to the end of the string "SE_EXTEVT_IN_" when creating the windows event object.

- Output: This will be high or low, depending on the mode and the event state.