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Sure enough a regular guitar is only fitted with 6 strings, but with the variety of octaves, and notes you can configure it to, the variety and combinations of sounds you can generate is stunning. There’s a default configuration to every guitar, so that notes sounds properly, and you can even tune a guitar yourself with the help of applications like wxGuitar.

It takes only a little while before you can take the application for a spin to see what it’s all about. Installing it doesn’t take long, and you can launch it right after setup is done. The main window shows up, with no additional panels to confuse you.


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Unlike what you’d expect, you don’t need to hook up your guitar to the PC, or even connect a microphone to tune it. This is because you need to rely on your senses, especially on sound. All six strings of the guitar are shown according to notes, and pressing one releases the corresponding sound, so you can adjust chords accordingly.

To help you out, the application can be set to repeat the last note every now and then, with a timer in seconds with the minimum value of 3. Unfortunately, beginners may have a difficult time figuring out which is which, especially because the guitar picture accompanying the octave doesn’t show related strings.

There’s only one basic tuning option, but you might notice it’s set to EADghe, instead of EADgbe as you may have encountered in most cases. There’s no issue here, but some parts of the world use h instead of b just to eliminate confusion with the flat symbol (в™­), which lowers the pitch by a semitone.

A few last words

To sum it up, musical instruments need careful management and attention to be able to properly reach the desired tones, and notes. Applications like wxGuitar Serial help you configure your own guitar according to standard tuning rules, but with no sound detection component, you need to rely on your senses to get things right.