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Walkman users and those who still use such devices might find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing formats and file types these days. FLV to Walkman Converter was developed in order to offer people an accessible way to convert FLV and SWF format files to Walkman-compatible content. Supporting numerous output formats, it will provide people with a straightforward solution for using various files with their Walkmans.

The application comes packed with a clean interface that offers people a large viewing area for the loaded video files and several on-screen commands for handling such files. However, one significant flaw of the utility becomes apparent rather quickly: users cannot load multiple files, although they can select several files at a time.

FLV to Walkman Converter

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Furthermore, drag-and-dropping isn’t supported and this might frustrate people even more since they need to navigate manually to the directories where their videos are stored. The details of the file listing can be rearranged, but people will not be able to access other views.

Once they have loaded the preferred file, users will be able to click on the conversion button and the utility will provide a confirmation screen at the end of the process. Looking on the bright side of things, the utility supports several well-known formats, this way allowing people to access a broad range of possibilities.

In spite of its numerous formats available, FLV to Walkman Converter Serial cannot compensate for its counter-intuitive operation and this cannot make it a reliable choice for those who prefer an easy handling.

FLV to Walkman Converter could be a decent choice for those who wish to convert video files for using on Walkman devices. It will allow them to load the preferred FLV/SWF files and convert them to a number of standard Walkman-compatible formats in just a few steps. However, featuring a counter-intuitive handling and no support for batch processing, make FLV to Walkman Converter unreliable for demanding users.