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A signal whose frequency is generally below the human ear's ability to hear as a tone, usually 20 cycles per second [Hz]. This plugin will generate mono or stereo surf which sweeps between a lower and upper filter frequency. Stereo surf also sweeps back-and-forth somewhere between the left and right audio channels. To generate stereo surf, first open a new stereo track in Audacity. Do this by ALT, P, S in Audacity pre-1.3, or ALT, T, N, S in 1.3 and later.


Surf LFO

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1. Mono or stereo surf: [1=mono 2=stereo]

Mono surf is heard only in the center between the two speakers, or in the middle of your head when wearing headphones. Stereo surf sweeps back-and-forth somewhere between the two audio channels, depending on the next setting, Stereo Spread.

2. Stereo spread: [stereo only: percent]

The larger this value, the more widely the stereo surf will move back-and-forth between the left and right audio channels. When this value is above zero, the deeper section of the surf sweep will be heard more in the left channel; below zero, the deeper section of the surf sweep will be heard more in the right channel.

3. Fade-in and fade-out times: [seconds]

To smoothly fade in and fade out the volume at the start and end of the surf.

4. Surf duration: [minutes] (up to 60)

5. Surf type: [0=white noise 1=pink noise]

White noise is more of a "hissing" sound, whereas pink noise is a lower "rushing" sound. Technically, white noise is "equal energy per frequency", whereas pink noise is "equal energy per octave"

6. Surf sweep frequency: [Hz]

Sets how slow or fast the surf sweeps between the lower and upper filter frequencies, and the left and right channels [for stereo surf].

7. Lower filter frequency: [Hz]

8. Upper filter frequency: [Hz]

Both the above determine how low and how high the lowpass filter sweeps the surf noise.

9. Bass frequency to boost: [Hz]

You can boost the volume of frequencies of the surf sound below this setting, to get a deeper-sounding surf. Somewhat equivalent to the bass knob on your stereo.

10. Bass boost : [dB]

Sets how much to boost the above bass frequency. 0 dB means no boost, 6 dB means double the amplitude of the bass frequency, and so on.

If you get an error message "Nyquist returned too many audio channels", this means you tried to generate stereo surf without first having opened a blank stereo track in Audacity. See instructions at the start of this help file for instructions on how to do this.