Hahaha DS-01 1.00 ~ crack/serial/keygen

The Hahaha DS-01 was developed to be a drum synthesizer mainly based on the circuitry of the Hahaha CS-01. Underneath the highly durable plastic shell hides an advanced synthesis architecture, using no less than one noise generator, one filter, and one oscillator for

each of the 8 drum channels. *)

Hahaha DS-01

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With all the hi-hat sounds sharing a single channel, the 8 channels is enough for the DS-01 to deliver a full complement of drums including a kick drum, a snare drum, closed/open/pedalled hi-hats, no less than 5 toms **), and a crash cymbal.

In addition to several sound controls like pitch, brightness and decay, each channel also sports a parametric EQ as a further way to radically change the sound of each drum. Finally, separate volume and stereo pan controls for each channel means you can get your drum mix just the way you want it, straight out of the box.

(* In the hi-hat and cymbal channels, the oscillator is replaced by a ring modulator.

(** There are 4 tom channels, but the “High tom” channel can be triggered with a different pitch by two different MIDI notes, effectively giving you 5 different tom sounds in all.