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The Quantizer VST plugin uses a sample & hold module to "quantize" audio - actually reducing it's sampling rate. There are a few audio quantizers out there, but this one also has LFO and envelope follower, so you can create an ever-changing quantize effect.

PlugIn parameters:


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PUSH! - the lower you go, the lower the sample rate will be. Below the "PUSH!" slider there's a display of a sine wave quantized by the plugin, so you can see exactly what you're doing to your audio signal.

the Envelope section:


Attack/Decay - control the envelope follower behaviour according to the input signal.

Ammount - according to the Attack/Decay parameters, this will increase sampling rate. This means that if you PUSH sampling rate to very low values, and add "Ammount" while Attack is zero and Decay is low, you'll hear loud information at high sampling rates, and the soft informatino will be heavilly quantized (try it on very dynamic drum loops!)

Inv - Inverses the Ammount value. This means that if you PUSH sampling rate to high values, add "Ammount" and set "Attack" to zero and "Decay" to a low value, you'll hear soft signals very clearly, with high sampling rate, but any loud information will be heavilly quantized. (try it on the same drum loop)

the LFO section:


Ammount - how much will the LFO affect quantizing.

WaveForm - the shape of the LFO.

Speed - the speed of the LFO. If you chose "White Noise" or "Pink Noise" as your WaveForm, this parameter has no effect.