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Meteorite is an audio plugin developed specifically for helping you work with a three oscillator virtual analog performance synthesizer. In order to deploy the audio plugin on all Windows versions out there and make use of its capabilities you need to have a VST host like VSTHost or energyXT installed on the target computer.

It comes packed with three oscillators with sync, FM, and ring modulation options, three envelopes, three BPM synced LFOs (low-frequency oscillation) with high and low limit controls, filter selection with up to four stages with gain compensation, dual stereo delay section, 8 voice polyphony mode, and 64 presets.


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Meteorite sports a clean design that embeds all audio tweaking parameters into a single window, making it very easy to you to alter them. You can also appeal to an online HTML help manual, which can be opened via your default web browser, in case you do not manage to set the audio options on your own.

The audio plugin gives you the possibility to combine three oscillators in order to alter the sound. You can adjust the waveform of the oscillators by choosing between different wave profiles (e.g. Saw, Sine, Pulse, Triangle), tweak the octave, sync the pitch of oscillators, fine-tune the oscillators, and apply the ring modulation mode in order to mix up all three waveforms and generate the sum and difference between them (metallic or bell-like sound is created).

Plus, you can obtain a chorus-like modulator, adjust the level of the frequency modulation, route the oscillator, detune the layered voices in unison, as well as turn on the unison mode in order to layer three voices over each oscillator.

The ‘D-Stabilizer’ audio option can be used to obtain unstable pitch via random modulation. Plus, you are allowed to modify the level of the d-stabilization effects and rate of the pitch modulation.

When it comes to filters, you are offered the freedom to control the velocity (you may go up to 8-poles with gain compensation), choose between different filter types (low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, and notch), apply cutoff frequency and resonance, change attack, decay, sustain and release parameters, as well as turn on the ‘Aftertouch’ mode (filters and volume respond to the pressure of the keys, if your keyboard supports it).

Other important tweaking options worth being mentioned enable you to set up the LFO section by selecting the waveform and rate, increasing the effect of the LFO, and adjusting the high and low level of LFO, make use of an onboard dual delay section with stereo controls, as well as modify the overall volume.

To sum things up, Meteorite Serial is an advanced audio plugin that features a powerful suite of parameters for helping you enhance the sound. It comes in handy especially for professional users.