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The Spook Keys plugin package was developed to re-create the sound of a 'Theramin' and offering control either using a MIDI keyboard or using the mouse to drag the glowing spot across the 'chart' for more authentic 'Theramin' style play.

Controls for this synth are as follows: The Chart - you can play spook keys either using your keyboard or by dragging the glowing dot across the chart

Spook Keys

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Volume - controls the overall volume level

Spread - controls the amount of the stereo field covered by the tone

Pan - controls the placing of the tone in the stereo field

Glide - portamento control sliding between notes when one key is pressed while the previous key is still held - higher values equal slower portamento

Key In - this controls how quickly the note rises in both volume and frequency from zero to the note played

Key Out - this controls how quickly the note falls in both volume and frequency to zero from the note played

Delay - the delay incorporates a filter that consists of 1 high pass and 1 low pass filter chained in series, the high pass filter's Cutoff being set lower than the low pass filter's - Resonance is also controllabale, Width is the difference between the high pass and low pass cutoff - Time is self explanatory, Feedback is the amount of signal that is fed back in to the delay - the delay bounces the left and right channels back and forth (ping-pong)

Modulation - you can set the LFO Rate (frequency) and Depth

Wave and Pulse Width - you can select from sine, saw, triangle and pulse waves - pulse wave also supports pulse width modulation for more tonal variation

Thickness - this is a chorusing effect created by detuning 2 oscillators.