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The String Thing VST plugin was developed to be a plucked string based on 'Karplus Strong' algorithm with advanced controls and filtering to create a more natural tone.

Controls for this synth are as follows:

String Thing

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Master - controls the overall volume level

Width - controls the amount of the stereo field covered by the tone

Pan - controls the placing of the tone in the stereo field

Speed - how fast/slow the string is 'excited', low values are similar to strumming while high values are like picking or plucking - please note this is a subtle effect

Damp - this controls how quickly the string will be stopped - higher values equal greater damping

Slide - a subtle portamento control to imitate sliding into notes - higher values are good for country music

Filter - the filter consists of 1 high pass and 1 low pass filter chained in series, the high pass filter's cutoff being set lower than the low pass filter's - Q is resonance, bandwidth is the difference between the high pass and low pass cutoff and keytrack is the amount of the note's frequency that is sent to the cutoff of each filter - the filter can dramatically alter the tonal quality of the string even create picked electric guitar tones

Modulation - sets the LFO rate (frequency) and level (depth) - the LFO has no effect on the output unless a modulation wheel or aftertouch is used - String Thing Serial needs to be set to use MIDI CC for this to work

String & Body - the effect of these controls can be very subtle so please experiment with them to get your desired sound

Tone1 and Tone2 - these control a combination of analogue oscilators that are used to provide the initial impulse for the physical model

Character - this mixes the output of tone 1 and tone 2

Warmth - this controls the amount and type of noise introduced into the initial impulse

Thickness - the initial impulse consists of several tones combined including two pulse waves and white/pink noise - this control detunes the two pulse waves against one another - the effect rather than being a chorus or beating effect is a 'thickening' of the overall sound

Velocity - controls the amount that key velocity affects volume level, speed and various tonal characteristics.