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The Shepherd VST plugin was developed to be a monophonic analogue synth designed to re-create the sound of a person whistling.

Controls for this synth are as follows: Volume - controls the overall volume level

The Shepherd

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Velocity - controls the amount that key velocity affects the volume level

Attack - the larger the amount, the longer the attack stages of the amplitude, frequecy and LFO envelopes

Jump - this is the depth control for the frequency envelope and determines how far below the played note the pitch will slide from- adjusting this does not alter tuning of the played note

Noise - this controls the amount of white noise (breathyness) included in the whitle tone

Speed - this is the LFO rate control

Warble - this is the LFO depth control - the amount of tremolo and vibrato are carefully balanced to sound natural no matter what setting is applied

Glide - if notes are played overlapping portamento will be applied - this control determines the portamento time.