Kassiopeia! 2.0 Crack + Serial Key Updated

Kassiopeia! is an audio plugin developed specifically for helping you work with a dual line phase distortion synthesizer. It comes with support for note polyphony customization options (from 1 to 8), 6 graphic 16-stage envelope generators (featuring stage looping, independent stage contouring, and key follow), variable noise generator, customizable key scaling mode, stereo reverb options, and two independent cross feedback delays.

It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there, provided that you have a VST host like energyXT or VSTHost installed on the target computer.


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Kassiopeia! reveals a well-structure suite of audio setup options. It gets its looks from Casio CZ. All configuration settings are comprised in a single window.

You need to take some extra time and experiment with the dedicated parameters in order to make the most out of the plugin’s features. A PDF help manual is also included in the package and provides detailed information about each audio function. You may appeal to it in case you need extra assistance with the configuration process.

Clicking on the envelope allows you to access a popup menu which helps you edit the basic parameters of the envelopes and provides quick access to several controls. You are offered the freedom to enable or disable the DCO (Digital Controlled Oscillator) and DCW (Digital Controlled Waveshaper) envelopes (this action has the effect of reducing CPU load), check out the levels of DCO and DCW, as well as view the stage’s output level, duration of a selected stage, total duration of the envelope, and contour shape of the currently selected stage.

What’s more, you are allowed to adjust the overall depth of the envelope, specify the number of required envelope stages, set the start stage of a repeating section, tweak the position of the sustained stage (shown by a filled black stage marker), and zoom in or out of the envelope.

Kassiopeia! Serial gives you the possibility to repeat stage, change the contour of a stage, shift the tuning of the octave, configure global parameters (like MIDI input channel, voice polyphony, pitch bender range, portamento depth, and MICI velocity sensitivity), active reverb effects, turn on the noise modulation and alter the tone of the noise, select from 4 line configurations, as well as control the overall volume of the synth.

To sum things up, Kassiopeia! proves to be an advanced and powerful VST plugin which has to offer a comprehensive suite of audio tweaking parameters. It comes in handy especially for music enthusiasts.