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The Swamp XT Synthesizer features 'Timbre-modulation' - now what is it about. Well it is some way difficult to describe as it is processing each oscillator's waveform in a very unique way in changing i.e enriching or limiting the harmonic spectrum making the sound fatter, wider or narrower even til near dissolving it to some way distorted noise depending on the input wave.

While the prior Swamp had an oscillator routing to balance it's output between normal i.e. direct signal and timbre modulated signal which each could be balanced to go to direct out or to filter this has been straightened in Swamp XT: direct und timbre modulated signal can be balance mixed to one signal and the output of both oscillators

Swamp XT Synthesizer

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can be balance mixed too. While the direct and filtered signal can be balanced at the amplifier stage of Swamp XT.

All in all Swamp delivers a wide variety of sounds even to some really strange and weird ones if you want these.

There are two oscillators to select from two different soundsources each:

PCM wave soundsource powered by 128 waves each or an additive wavetable soundsources to create a variety of different waves from up to 31 partials. There are 18 inbuilt preset waveforms within the additive wavetable oscillator. The wavetable display can be switched off in order to utilize the XY SuperModulation Pad after having selected or set up a wave. User created waves are store per patch for each oscillator.

Both oscillators can be fine detuned to each other by Detune knob in shifting one osc up while the other one is shifted down at the same amout. An octave range may be selected from -2,-1,0, 1 and 2 by the Octave buttons and oscillator 2 has the option to set a semitone offset. Also there is a Mute button for each oscillator.

The output of each oscillator can be leveled by a button slider below knob for the HighPass filter. This highpass prefilter is right before the Timbre Modulation which itself can be set to a fixed manual setting or modulated by various sources (LFO, EG, S&H). the Timbre modulated signal can be mixed to the direct signal also with the option for manual fixed setting or modulation by selectable source. Both oscillator's output can be balanced by the Osc 1:2 knob also with opton to modulate this by variuos sources.

There is the option to load other SF2 files for other waves as PCM soundsources. But you should be aware that Timbre modulation might effect certain kinds of waves less efficient than you might expect or even in a way it turns the wave more or less into some kind of noise. In general Timbre mod works just fine with any single cycle type of waveforms so this is where the additive wavetable oscillators came in really handy and with 31 partials it's not too much work to set it up. In manual mode of Timbre Mod. it might be possible in rare cases you might move over so called „dead spots“ with no sound which is due to phase-elimination as the phase is moved by a delay.